Anchor Text Ratio & Usage

Optimize your anchor texts

Balance your Anchor Text Ratios

Build a natural backlink profile by balancing anchor text ratios and focusing on those that will improve your topical relevancy and boost your rankings.
Anchor Text Ratio & Usage

Anchor Text Ratio & Usage

The KatLinks Anchor Text Ratio & Usage tool helps identify your most used anchor texts and it calculates the anchor type ratio of each page.

The anchor text is the text that makes up the clickable part of the backlink.

A natural backlink profile will have a good mix of anchor text types. This tool will show you a breakdown of all your backlink anchor texts, your current anchor ratios, and based on the usage, you will get the suggested optimized ratios.

Why is this important? If a website has most of its backlinks with the same anchor type, then search engines might determine that the backlinks are being used to manipulate search rankings.

Check your Anchor Text Ratios

Discover your current anchor ratios and optimize to get a more natural-looking backlink profile.

Analyze your Anchor Text Usage

Analyzing the anchor text usage of your backlinks will help you discover the best backlinks anchor text you need to get to improve your topical relevancy.

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Anchor Text Ratio & Usage