Why is a blog important? And which are the advantages that make it profitable?

The blog is like your home, but on the internet, it is something that belongs to you and you are not ” renting”, unlike social networks. Having a blog on your website is always an excellent option, because you do not depend on anyone, so, if someday social networks disappear or denounce your account and close it, you still have your home, that is the blog on your website.

Why is it important to have a blog? It is important because in your blog you can do interesting things like:

  • Make it your channel of excellence to create a Content Marketing strategy that at the same time does Inbound Marketing for ranking in Google.
  • Use the blog for people who search for you to know more about you and only about you.
  • It is a way to get constant traffic thanks to SEO, especially qualified traffic.
  • Use the blog as a source to create leads on a constant basis, users who leave their data.
  • It is a way to educate your audience about your product or service, being a way to increase your sales.
  • Get interesting collaborations with people in your industry because your blog demonstrates who you are and how you do it.
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition, as content creation is a one-time cost and is cheaper than advertising.
  • Achieve presence by staying in the consumer’s mind so that when they need a service or product and you can offer it to them, they know who to turn to.
  • It gives your company more authority in the sector you are in, demonstrating with content who’ s who compared to your competition, that is, not everyone will be able to compete with you.

All of them are good advantages, but the biggest advantage will always be the ability to constantly find users interested in paying for what you offer. As long as you are ranking for it, of course.

The traffic you get won’t cost you as it would with advertising, instead, it comes naturally. In addition, since the blog will be the center of your content marketing strategy, you will seem like an expert.

Unlike advertising where you can only say that you are an expert and what you do, in your blog you will not only be able to say it, you will be able to prove it. It will always be more profitable and better to demonstrate it, because the customer will not doubt when buying from you. First you sell yourself and then you sell to them.

If you choose and plan the content properly on your blog, it will be content with a high probability of becoming evergreen content, always useful, it will not expire, but over time it will rank better in Google. Because content that is useful today is also useful tomorrow and always.

The contents that expire are those of trends, so it is important to make a content strategy, where you not only publish trending content, but also publish content that can be useful at any time.

It is also interesting to know that the audience that you get through Google is warm traffic, which means, a traffic where the audience already has an idea of what they want and therefore it is already of better quality.

On the other hand, the traffic you get through advertising on social networks will be a cold audience: they don’t know you and have no idea if they want what you offer.

A cold audience is one that has little idea of what it wants. And a warm audience is one that already has an idea about what they want, hence, the warm audience performs searches on the topic. And that is one of the reasons why Google advertising is more expensive than Facebook advertising.

Those who are already searching have more intentions to buy, and if you rank without paying for advertising on what they are interested in, you will be able to make the most of your blog.

In short, it is not the same to sell to an audience that is interested in what you do, than to one that is not. Clearly, you will be interested in getting more warm traffic than cold traffic because selling will be easier and more profitable.

This is why the cost per customer acquisition decreases when you do SEO. Since you will be ranking in the right place where a lot of traffic that has interest or some interest in what you offer in the sector you are in will transit.

By all this we do not mean that advertising is bad, it is good, but it is also expensive and lasts as long as you are paying for it. And if you made good content in your blog and you worked the SEO right, you will have a content that will always bring you organic traffic; traffic that you do not pay constantly to obtain.

Investing in advertising to get leads and sell, can be a good option to position yourself through an SEO strategy, especially if you are looking for immediate results.

Anyway, as you have already seen, there are many advantages mentioned, which makes it clear that having a blog is important to attract more customers organically in the long term and in a more lasting way, without having to invest so much money.