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Every time we check the rankings for one of your keywords, 1 credit is used up.

So, for example, if you choose to add 10 keywords to your rank tracker and you update the rankings every week, then you would consume about 40 rank tracking credits per month.

10 keywords x 4 updates per month = 40 credits

Of course, if you add more keywords or if you change the rank tracking frequency, you will use more credits. For example, if you add the same 10 keywords, but change the rank tracking frequency to daily, then you would consume about 300 credits per month.

10 keywords x 30 updates per month = 300 credits

Depending on the plan you are on, you will get a set number of monthly rank tracking credits. If you run out of credits, you have the option to wait until your credits are replenished on your monthly cut-off date or upgrade to a plan with a higher number of credits.