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The keyword research feature consists of 3 tools that will help you find the best keywords you need to focus on to improve your SEO. The Ranked Keywords tool is one of them. Let’s go over how it works.

Ranked Keywords

For paid accounts, this tool will find up to 1,000 keywords for which your website is already ranking. For trial accounts, the limit is 100 keywords.

Note: You will be able to run this research once every monthly period.

While being in the Ranked Keywords tab, click on the “Find Ranked Keywords” button.

You will now see a popup with some filtering options:

The available filters are Minimum/Maximum Search Volume and Minimum/Maximum Rank Position.

You can use them all, only one or a combination of several. Here are some examples:

Find keywords that have between 1000 and 2000 search volume and that are also ranking between positions 5 and 10

Find keywords that have a minimum search volume of 500, disregarding max search volume and rank position

Find keywords that have a maximum search volume of 2000 and that are ranking at the minimum at position 10

The filters are optional, so if you don’t want to use them just leave the fields empty and click “Find Keywords”.

The process should take only a few seconds. Once finished you will see the results.

Here is the breakdown of the results table:

First column: The keyword or search term
Second column: Page from your website which is ranking for the keyword
Third column: SERP ranking position of the keyword
Fourth column: The keyword’s search volume
Fifth column: The date when the data was last updated
Sixth column: Buttons to send to the rank tracker and delete

Once you go over the list and decide which keywords you want to include in your project, click on “Send to Rank Tracker” and those keywords will appear in your rank tracking tool.

It is important to mention that the ranked keyword data comes directly from Google and although it is usually accurate and up to date, sometimes not all keywords are reported by Google.

If you get a notification that no ranked keywords were found, we suggest adding your top keywords manually to the rank tracker and maybe trying again a couple of weeks later to give Google some time to update its index.

Keyword Research credits

The keyword research tool works on a credit system. Click here to learn more about how credits work.