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The Backlink Gap tool works on a credit system. Each time it runs, 1 credit is consumed for each referring domain that is analyzed. The number of available credits will depend on the plan you have.

How it works

When you are about to run a backlink gap analysis, you will need to enter up to 3 competitor root domains and indicate how many referring backlinks domains you want to analyze.

The “Referring domains to analyze” default is 100, but you can change it to whatever you want.

So let’s use an example to better understand how the credit system works on how they are used up.

Let’s say that you add 3 competitor domains and leave the default of 100 referring domains to analyze.

Since 1 referring domain = 1 credit, then on the example above the analysis would consume 300 credits. 100 referring domains x 3 competitor domains.

Let’s do another example, you add the same 3 competitor domains but set to 200 the referring domains to analyze. This would consume 600 credits. 200 referring domains x 3 competitor domains.

This way you can totally control your credit usage by adjusting the number of competitors and the maximum referring domains to analyze.

What happens if I run out of credits?

Backlink Gap credits replenish each month according to your plan limits and cut-off date. If you run out of credits you have two options:

Option 1: Wait until your credits are replenished on your monthly cut-off date

Go to “Billing Settings” to see your account cut-off date

On your “Next billing date” your backlink gap credits will top-off

Option 2: Upgrade to a higher plan with a higher number of available credits

Go to Billing and click on the “Upgrade Plan” button

Select a plan with higher backlink gap credit limits and click on “Upgrade”

Please note that the options you will see will depend on the plan you currently have. We will only show the higher plans to which you can upgrade.

For example, if you are already on the Starter plan, you will only see the Pro plan as an upgrade option. Click here for more information about upgrading your plan.

(Screenshots are only for illustration purposes. Prices could be different from the current ones)